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Breathwork is an active meditation, with deep rhythmic breathing to increase the oxygen flow through the body, resulting in a highly cathartic and slightly psychedelic state of mind — one that can unblock stuck energy and elevate us to deeper levels of clarity and awareness. The best part? The benefits are immediate! Just one session will leave you feeling lighter, renewed and often in a state of bliss.

The only real way to understand it is to experience it, so join us for a group class, 1-1 session or contact us with any question.

Read more about the theory of breathwork here and an article about Breathwork here by Dr. Scanlon in Yoga Therapy Ireland Magazine (Sept 2020).

Founder & Breathwork Coach
Dr. Cathy Scanlon

Dr. Scanlon is a certified breathwork and meditation coach, having trained with both Erin Telford and David Elliott in New York, New Mexico and California.

Cathy began studying Breathwork in 2017 in Costa Rica, as a student of both Transformational and Pranayama Breathwork. Cathy is also experienced in Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra. 

Before moving into breathwork coaching, Cathy’s background was in computational neuroscience and engineering. She holds a PhD, was as an academic research scientist for 8 years in Psychiatry and Neurology internationally and has authored over 30 peer-reviewed research papers.

Cathy specialises in combining the yang of the logical mind and the yin of the intuitive to assist clients to connect deeply with themselves to heal and transform. 

The video was recorded during an event with Women in Research in Ireland and talks about Cathy’s journey from academic researcher to Breathwork Coach and how Breathwork can help connect us to our authentic truth.

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Breathwork is offered in a variety of capacities. Individual sessions, group classes and workshops are offered publicly and privately in New York, Dublin and virtually.

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