Breathwork and Being ‘In Flow’

⠀Improved states of mental clarity after a Breathwork practice is consistently reported anecdotally as well as through research studies, but is there a known physiological mechanism behind using the breath to enter a state of optimal flow … and on demand?⠀⠀The ‘Flow State’ describes a feeling where you become fully immersed in whatever you are […]

The Benefits of a Deep Breath: What the Science says

The Benefits of a Deep Breath: What the Science says – Dr. Cathy Scanlon. Published in Yoga Therapy Ireland magazine. January 2021. “My mind is so clear, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed, I feel so in tune with myself”, is a typical reaction after a 40 minute Breathwork session. It sounds almost […]

New Year Breathwork Workshop

Instead of rushing to make a list of all the things you ‘should’ or ‘have to’ do in 2021, take an opportunity in this new year workshop to breathe deeply, rest the mind, calm the nervous system and connect to your intuition, your gut instinct. In this space we find calm and clarity into what […]

Self Trust and Authentic Truth

✨ Self Trust & Authentic Truth ✨⠀⠀⠀⠀Self trust is a practice. There’s no finish line, no goal posts. Just a deepening sense of self. Being able to trust yourself, being able to count on yourself, being able to rely on what you feel and know. ⠀⠀⠀⠀If we don’t know what we value, what is important […]

Academic Scientist to Breathwork Coach with Dr. Cathy Scanlon [Video]

This is a recording of a workshop I was invited to run by Women in research in Ireland. This is a recording of the first half of the workshop where I speak about my journey from academia to Breathwork Coaching. Research and academia are fast-paced and high stress environments, leading to researchers feeling stressed and […]

The 3-Part Breath: Pranayama Breathwork

This video is a short and sped up view of the pranayama 3-part breath pattern! It’s done lying down, eyes closed, dog optional! It can be an intense experience so book in for a class or 1:1 to learn this beautiful technique for emotional release, clarity, calm and strengthening our connection to self. Have questions? […]

Is Breathwork similar to a Psychedelic Plant Medicine Experience?

I spent 6 months working at a beautiful retreat centre in Costa Rica some years ago. A retreat centre where the healing modality people were turning up for was a potent, psychedelic plant medicine, Ayahuasca. The program involved 7 nights, 4 nights drinking the medicine and 3 nights of Breathwork. The plant medicine is powerful, […]

The Rise of Breathwork

Readers may be familiar with the breathing practices experienced in many yoga classes, based in the yogic tradition of pranayama. However, taking pranayama as a standalone practice of Breathwork Meditation, is a whole other experience. Breathwork is quickly becoming a go-to method for clearing old emotional energy, gaining clarity and becoming more centred. In our […]

Workshop: Creating Inner Certainty

⭐️⠀Breathwork Workshop Alert!! ⭐️⠀⠀I am excited to announce a one-off workshop with an amazing friend of mine who is a London based Wellness Coach. ⠀⠀Stacy was MY wellness coach many years ago who supported and helped me develop the confidence to create an ENTIRELY NEW LIFE! She is awesome and full of wisdom, so do […]

Breathwork for Intuition

Use your breath to guide you I join Intuitive Healer, Sinead deHora, on her Droplets podcast to talk about Breathwork and how it can allow us to connect in with our intuition, our gut instinct. Listen here

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