We’re not consciously involved in digestion, keeping our heart beating or most of the other amazing physiological workings of our body. Maybe we can actively surrender to emotional healing in our body too. Maybe we don’t have to be in charge, don’t have to fix it, don’t have to manage it.

Actively surrendering to the healing intelligence in us. This is a wonderfully freeing realization … I can relax, my body’s got this!

Transformational breathwork techniques use the breath to activate energy in the body.

This energy in turn starts to activate and awaken dormant feelings, emotions and sensations.

The aim is to breathe through them instead of reacting to them. Breathing into, through and out the other end of whatever is coming up for you in a breathwork session.

Breathing beyond whatever gets activated… Continuing to breath regardless of what we think, regardless of what we feel, regardless of what happens in the body, we stay with the breathe.

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