Breathwork and Being ‘In Flow’

⠀Improved states of mental clarity after a Breathwork practice is consistently reported anecdotally as well as through research studies, but is there a known physiological mechanism behind using the breath to enter a state of optimal flow … and on demand?⠀⠀The ‘Flow State’ describes a feeling where you become fully immersed in whatever you are […]

The Benefits of a Deep Breath: What the Science says

The Benefits of a Deep Breath: What the Science says – Dr. Cathy Scanlon. Published in Yoga Therapy Ireland magazine. January 2021. “My mind is so clear, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed, I feel so in tune with myself”, is a typical reaction after a 40 minute Breathwork session. It sounds almost […]

The Rise of Breathwork

Readers may be familiar with the breathing practices experienced in many yoga classes, based in the yogic tradition of pranayama. However, taking pranayama as a standalone practice of Breathwork Meditation, is a whole other experience. Breathwork is quickly becoming a go-to method for clearing old emotional energy, gaining clarity and becoming more centred. In our […]

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