Breathwork and Being ‘In Flow’

⠀Improved states of mental clarity after a Breathwork practice is consistently reported anecdotally as well as through research studies, but is there a known physiological mechanism behind using the breath to enter a state of optimal flow … and on demand?⠀⠀The ‘Flow State’ describes a feeling where you become fully immersed in whatever you are […]

The Benefits of a Deep Breath: What the Science says

The Benefits of a Deep Breath: What the Science says – Dr. Cathy Scanlon. Published in Yoga Therapy Ireland magazine. January 2021. “My mind is so clear, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed, I feel so in tune with myself”, is a typical reaction after a 40 minute Breathwork session. It sounds almost […]

Breathing Techniques v Breathwork Healing

Breathwork is used as an umbrella term to describe many things. I break down the differences here and also explain what I deliver in my classes and 1:1s (spoiler: its the trippy kind!!)

The way we breath can directly enhance our focus and attention

The Science of the “Flow” state. Getting into the flow can be difficult to force, but a joy to be in! This article describes flow as a delicate balance between not too much / not too little stress, lying “on the continuum between boredom and anxiety.” “Flow theory … is a state of optimal experience […]

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