Breathwork and Sound Reiki

A Breathwork & Sound Reiki

Virtual Workshop Series

8 Sundays in June & July
Virtual via Zoom
10.00 – 11.30AM
Drop-in classes so come to 1 or all!


About the Workshops

Transform your energy with a series of vibration raising Sound Reiki and Breathwork Healing Workshops with intuitive voice coach and Sound Reiki Healer, Talibah Rivers and Breathwork Coach, Cathy Scanlon.

Join us in combining these two powerful and complementary modalities to create deep calm, enabling us to open to release areas of stuck-ness and holding. Creating more ease, clarity and peace of mind.

Each week will focus on a new topic related to a chakra region. They are drop-in classes, so come to all or just the ones that resonate with where you are feeling stuck! We start and end with the ROOT – the base of everything. Let’s use this opportunity to see what has shifted for us over the 8 weeks!

🌟 Workshops will be at 10AM over 8 Sundays: 🌟

⚡️Sunday 6th June: Root – Security, stability, survival.

⚡️Sunday 13th June: Sacral – Emotions, sexuality, sensuality, communication, creativity.

⚡️Sunday 20th June: Solar Plexus – Energy, personal power, intuition, digestion.

⚡️Sunday 27th June: Heart – Equilibrium, well-being, giving and receiving love.

⚡️Sunday 4th July: Throat – Communication, creativity, growth.

⚡️Sunday 11th July: Third Eye – Imagination, psychic abilities, connection to other realms.

⚡️Sunday 18th July: Crown – Spiritual connection, bliss, understanding, knowing, receiving messages from higher realms.

⚡️Sunday 25th July: Root – For the final session we return to the root – the base of everything – let’s see how things have shifted for us in this time

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation, with controlled, deep breathing, which is part catharsis, part psychedelic experience. 

This meditative technique works to move stuck energy and facilitate the release of unprocessed emotions we may have been holding onto for many years, leaving us lighter and often in a state of total mind clarity.

In this workshop series, we will utilise breathwork to further move through our unconscious blocks and connect us more deeply to our inner knowing and certainty.



What is Sound Reiki?

Sound Reiki is a vibrational healing modality that harnesses the power of sound by using the voice to create electro-tonal sound frequencies to create songs that transcend both time and space to activate healing.  Sound Reiki is particularly helpful for times when you may feel:

• Stuck in familiar patterns that keep showing up

• Drained and tired but not sure why

• You want to gain more clarity and peace of mind

• Explore blocks that show up in areas of your life

All you need is an open mind and willingness to see where your Sound Reiki journey will take you.

Your Workshop Guides

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Talibah Rivers & Cathy Scanlon

Soul Sisters Talibah and Cathy met in London in 2014 and have been fast friends collaborating in various capacities ever since.

Talibah Rivers is an Intuitive Voice Coach, Sound Reiki healer and Jazz Vocalist.

Dr. Cathy Scanlon, is a Pranayama Breathwork teacher and former academic neuroscientist.

Cathy & Talibah are excited to combine their passions to present this Breathwork and Sound Reiki Healing Workshop to assist you in connect deeply with yourself to heal and transform.

Workshop Booking

You can sign up and come along to one, some or all the sessions – they are setup as drop-in classes and can be booked individually below.

We are also giving the option of signing up for ALL EIGHT sessions at once which will include ONE FREE session! This will be a total of €175 and can be booked through the paypal link HERE.

Recordings of the sessions will be available for 1 week after the live class, however recordings are only available to people who have done Breathwork with Cathy previously. Everyone reacts differently to Breathwork and can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, so we do require you to attend at least one live session before we let you loose with the recordings!

Get in touch with if you have any questions! CONTACT ME.

Remote Breathwork Class


Get in touch if you have any questions about breathwork, classes and 1:1 sessions

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