Breathwork Interview with Tiffany Curren

Tiffany is a Breathwork Teacher from New Jersey. In this chat we cover:

* Tiffany’s transformative journey of discovering Breathwork and leaving behind 6 years of severe anxiety within a matter of a few months

* How breathing through our own past trauma can bring us the strength and clarity to allow us to hold deep space for others, to feel safe to move through their own past experiences

* Abuse and the ability to let go of that energy that can stay with us through our lives

* How Breathwork helps us bypass the thinking mind so the subconscious can give us messages

About Tiffany Curren

Tiffany Curren is a Breathwork teacher with a fascinating story to share of her journey to becoming the powerful healer she is today. Tiffany runs breathwork workshops in NJ and NYC and sees clients for 1-1 breathwork Boonton, NJ (an easy 35 minutes from the NYC). The best way to get in touch with Tiffany is through her website or Instagram

‘What the Breath’ is a series of videos discussing people’s own personal experiences with Breathwork Meditation.

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