Academic Scientist to Breathwork Coach with Dr. Cathy Scanlon [Video]

This is a recording of a workshop I was invited to run by Women in research in Ireland. This is a recording of the first half of the workshop where I speak about my journey from academia to Breathwork Coaching. Research and academia are fast-paced and high stress environments, leading to researchers feeling stressed and […]

The 3-Part Breath: Pranayama Breathwork

This video is a short and sped up view of the pranayama 3-part breath pattern! It’s done lying down, eyes closed, dog optional! It can be an intense experience so book in for a class or 1:1 to learn this beautiful technique for emotional release, clarity, calm and strengthening our connection to self. Have questions? […]

Breathing Techniques v Breathwork Healing

Breathwork is used as an umbrella term to describe many things. I break down the differences here and also explain what I deliver in my classes and 1:1s (spoiler: its the trippy kind!!)

10 years of therapy in one session!: Interview with Aria Diana

Breathwork Interview with Aria Diana Aria is a Breathwork Facilitator from San Francisco. In this video we talk about: * Breathwork: 10 years of therapy in one 40 minute session! * Healing of family trauma we may not even know exists until we begin to do the healing work of breathing * Clearing learned behaviours […]

Anxiety Relief: Breathwork Interview with Tiffany Curran

Breathwork Interview with Tiffany Curren Tiffany is a Breathwork Teacher from New Jersey. In this chat we cover: * Tiffany’s transformative journey of discovering Breathwork and leaving behind 6 years of severe anxiety within a matter of a few months * How breathing through our own past trauma can bring us the strength and clarity […]

Intense emotions: Breathwork Interview with Emily Rasowsky

Breathwork Interview with Emily Rasowsky Emily is an entrepreneur and Breathwork facilitator from DC. In this chat we cover: * Emily’s first Breathwork Session – She HATED it (I love this!) * The challenge of facing and moving through emotions * The benefits of sticking with it (here’s a clue – it’s worth it!) * […]

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