Breathing Techniques v Breathwork Healing

Breathwork is used as an umbrella term to describe many things. I break down the differences here and also explain what I deliver in my classes and 1:1s (spoiler: its the trippy kind!!)

Breath Therapy

We’re not consciously involved in digestion, keeping our heart beating or most of the other amazing physiological workings of our body. Maybe we can actively surrender to emotional healing in our body too. Maybe we don’t have to be in charge, don’t have to fix it, don’t have to manage it.⠀⠀⠀⠀Actively surrendering to the healing […]

The way we breath can directly enhance our focus and attention

The Science of the “Flow” state. Getting into the flow can be difficult to force, but a joy to be in! This article describes flow as a delicate balance between not too much / not too little stress, lying “on the continuum between boredom and anxiety.” “Flow theory … is a state of optimal experience […]

10 years of therapy in one session!: Interview with Aria Diana

Breathwork Interview with Aria Diana Aria is a Breathwork Facilitator from San Francisco. In this video we talk about: * Breathwork: 10 years of therapy in one 40 minute session! * Healing of family trauma we may not even know exists until we begin to do the healing work of breathing * Clearing learned behaviours […]

Anxiety Relief: Breathwork Interview with Tiffany Curran

Breathwork Interview with Tiffany Curren Tiffany is a Breathwork Teacher from New Jersey. In this chat we cover: * Tiffany’s transformative journey of discovering Breathwork and leaving behind 6 years of severe anxiety within a matter of a few months * How breathing through our own past trauma can bring us the strength and clarity […]

Intense emotions: Breathwork Interview with Emily Rasowsky

Breathwork Interview with Emily Rasowsky Emily is an entrepreneur and Breathwork facilitator from DC. In this chat we cover: * Emily’s first Breathwork Session – She HATED it (I love this!) * The challenge of facing and moving through emotions * The benefits of sticking with it (here’s a clue – it’s worth it!) * […]

Expand to your full potential with the most potent meditation you have ever experienced