Breathwork Interview with Aria Diana

Aria is a Breathwork Facilitator from San Francisco. In this video we talk about:

* Breathwork: 10 years of therapy in one 40 minute session!

* Healing of family trauma we may not even know exists until we begin to do the healing work of breathing

* Clearing learned behaviours from parents

* Breathwork increasing our intuition and connecting us more truly to we are

* Cannabis as a tool for healing.

* Cannabis and breathwork AND soundbaths ALL TOGETHER!

* The power of group breathwork and the shared experience

* “Healing is a process of becoming more whole”

* “Heilen” – German translation “to heal, make whole”

* Allowing our inner messiness to come out, acknowledge it, embrace it and let go

* Breathwork as a shortcut to an altered state of consciousness

* Similarities between breathwork and psychedelic plant medicines like Ayahuasca

* Some great advice for people new Breathwork.

Connect with Aria Diana:

* Instagram:

* Join her for Breathwork at Anchor meditation in Cows Hollow SF:

* Meadowlands Cannabis Event: Other Links discussed:

* David Elliott: and The Reluctant Healer book:…

* Cannabis tea: * Headspace Meditation App:

What the Breath?

‘What the Breath’ is a series of videos discussing people’s own personal experiences with Breathwork Meditation.

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